Welcome to The Lisbon History Center
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Volunteers Appreciated
The Lisbon History Center proudly accepts volunteers. We work with the local schools and community organizations to give the opportunity to gain volunteer hours. The largest organization we currently work with is the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) through the United Way. This program logs the hours of retired persons over the age of 55, in 2011 the Lisbon History Center logged over 2000 hours to RSVP.  In the years since we started this program LaVonne Bova has recorded over 5,500 hours herself, she recently received an award from the president of the United Way.  We also have high school students working toward an award at school, who volunteer many hours.
Volunteering at the Lisbon History Center is easy! We don’t ask a lot!  If you can work a pair of scissors you’re hired! We do a lot of clipping old newspapers. We are also always looking for someone to work the computer. We have many different events that go on at the Lisbon History Center and appreciate all the volunteers that we can get.
The best part of volunteering at the Lisbon History Center is that we feed you. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we provide a little lunch for the volunteers consisting mainly of home cooked meals made right here by volunteers for volunteers. Sometimes we cheat and go out for lunch but not that often.
In short if you have some spare time and would like to volunteer go ahead and call us or just stop in. We always welcome new people and always have stuff to do. If you are interested go to our contact page and get in-touch with us.

We would like to say a huge Thank You to all who have volunteered and to all who volunteer in the future. Without you we would not be able to carry-on the history and culture of our community and surrounding area.