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"Recipes & Remembrances" (Cookbook), Lisbon History Center 2010 wire bound, $3.00+shipping.

"Story of Another Time: Franklin Township, Linn County, Iowa" (Book), 2008, wire bound, $5.00+shipping.​
Note: "Story of Another Time" book include biographies of the area's early inhabitants as well as historical information and period black/white photographs.
Lisbon History Center T-Shirts $6.00+shipping,

​"A Walk Through the Past" books cataloging our cemetery walks $5.00+shipping

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-We are currently trying to deplete our inventory of t-shirts at the history center.  We have t-shirt sizes Medium, Large and Extra Large.  The reason for the price reduction on these shirts is that we are currently working on a new design that we would like to unveil in the coming months.
If you are interested in a t-shirt or any other merchandise at the history center please contact us at info@lisbonhistorycenter.com and let us know what you are looking for.